Alexa Google's Teachable Machine Tool has been upgraded
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Google's Teachable Machine Tool has been upgraded

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Google's Teachable Machine Tool has been upgraded

AI is today being applied to discover solutions for many issues. But truth is that AI is hard to access. Google has upgraded its Teachable Machine web-based tool so that its users can apply AI in better ways with easy accessibility.

Google had created Teachable Machine, an AI that could help people use machine learning to start their own projects. But the company says that the users wanted to go one step further with the tool. To enable the users, Google has now released Teachable Machine 2.0.

The tool can let you train your machine learning model with a single click without any coding. Google reveals that the models can be exported to websites, physical machines and more. Teachable Machine 2.0 can now even detect sounds and positions, like when you sit down or stand.

Google has worked with artists, students, educators, and creative people from various walks of life to improve the tool. The tool is being used for much more than just teaching. It has also been used to improve communication for people with impaired speech, and to explore the potential of game designs.

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