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Nvidia “GeForce Now” arrives in iOS and will also bring Fortnite

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Nvidia “GeForce Now” arrives in iOS and will also bring Fortnite

We have seen the tussle between Apple and Fortnite, which is going on for more than three months now. While Apple doesn’t want Fortnite to come back to the Apple App Store, Nvidia is set to allow iOS users to play Fortnite legally. This is possible with its cloud gaming platform, “GeForce Now.”

Apple has strict policies when it comes to publishing apps on its AppStore. However, there is no way to prevent Nvidiafrom bringing its cloud-gaming platform GeForce Now to the iOS platform. GeForce Now makes use of the iOS stock browser Safari. That is a pretty innovative “workaround” that allows users of the platform to play games via the cloud on their Apple devices. To make things more interesting, Nvidia has “Fortnite coming soon” on the starting banner.

Phil Eisler, GeForce Now Chief at Nvidia, stated that the company’s previous work with Chromebooks on WebRTC technology had made the road that allowed the company to bring the technology to Apple’s Safari Browser. He further stated that Apple suggested the company take the Web route when the company discovered that there will be no way to bypass the obstacles and restrictions imposed by the App Store.

“We talked to Apple about implementing the GeForce Now iOS app. And they felt that cloud games didn’t fit their rules. And then, they recommended that we adopt a web-based implementation. And that is what we did. We created a web-based implementation based on the open WebRTC standard. We are dedicated to being an open store platform. We want to offer support to all PC game stores so that players can bring their own games that they already have in these stores and play wherever they want,” said Eisler.

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