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New Version of Primero to Help Social Service Providers

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New Version of Primero to Help Social Service Providers

Microsoft and UNICEF have launched a new version of Primero, which will help social service providers coordinate critical support to vulnerable children. The latest version of Primero is being called Primero X. It is an open-source case management web application that could help ensure protection for the vulnerable women and children of this world.

The pandemic has intensified the socioeconomic consequences, and with it, there has been an enhanced rise of those who are vulnerable to violence, abuse, and neglect. Primero X has multiple modules and adapts to a broad range of protection programming, including unaccompanied and separated children, psychosocial support, children in alternative care, and gender-based violence in emergencies.

Primero X is being offered as a tool for digital public good through a partnership between Microsoft and UNICEF. It will provide social service organizations with program expertise and operational support from a diverse global community of experienced child protection and gender-based violence specialists.

“We firmly believe technology can be a force for good in these challenging times, and our partnership with UNICEF to support vulnerable children and women is even more critical during COVID-19,” said Microsoft Global Head of Tech for Social Impact Justin Spelhaug. “Primero is improving the quality and consistency of care for social workers so they can focus on those who need it most.”

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