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Australian Institute of Marine Science deploys IoT transmitters


Australian Institute of Marine Science deploys IoT transmitters

Australia’s tropical marine research agency, Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) has sent out ocean drifters packed with IoT transmitters to monitor ocean currents, surface water temperatures, and barometric pressure. The trial saw AIMS teaming up with the Australian startup Myriota that focuses on building satellite IoT technology which connects any device from any location on earth. AIMS collaborated with them to trial ocean drifters that would report important oceanic data using the satellites in low Earth orbit.

Oceanographic drifter satellite communications are expensive for organizations like AIMS but Myriota’s technology comes at an ultra-low cost. The robust and cost-effective technology from Myriota has enabled this collaboration to happen. The drifting buoys developed with Myriota will enable AIMS to scale-up its projects on demand in a sustainable and flexible way.

AIMS technology Development team leader Melanie Olsen said that: “In future, the deployment of such devices will enable AIMS to retrieve oceanographic information every hour from any location- something that would provide scientists with the essential data they need to understand our oceans.” Olsen added that data is an essential tool to understand the behavior of oceans. This IoT technology will surely help.

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