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Amazon releases Alexa app for “all” Windows 10 computers


Amazon releases Alexa app for “all” Windows 10 computers

All Windows 10 PCs will now support Alexa app starting today. Having said that, only compatible devices can make use of the Alexa wake word functionality, and the owners of the non-compatible PCs will just have to hit a button within the app or use a keyboard shortcut to activate the virtual assistant.

Until today, Microsoft required its Windows 10 users to own an Echo to connect with Alexa and Cortana linked to their systems. But now, anyone with a Windows 10 computer can use Alexa without the need of any supportive gadgets.

The app feels pretty basic. Maybe the feature will not let you launch movies or videos from Amazon Prime for now, but it’s still convenient to have Alexa at your fingertips, especially when you consider using it frequently – from updating shopping carts to controlling other IoT devices.

The app, however, will receive a major upgrade early next year with more PC-specific functionalities. “PC-specific capabilities will be added in early 2019 in addition to ongoing feature updates,” Amazon said. The new app comes just months after the two tech giants announced a collaboration that will allow Cortana users access Alexa and vice versa.

Microsoft’s constant push to provide its customers the most popular services helped Amazon achieve its mission of getting Alexa everywhere. Microsoft has also extended Alexa support to Xbox One.

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