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The Australian National University is neoteric!


The Australian National University is neoteric!

The Australian National University (ANU) engineers have come up with something interesting in IoT. By using organic and inorganic materials they invented a semiconductor that makes devices like bendable mobile phones, convert electricity into light and it is thin and flexible.

This development paved way for other new generation electronic devices that are high in performance and are made up of organic materials which are bio degradable and recycled. This organic component is a combination of carbon and hydrogen which has the thickness of one atom. It guarantees of low e-wastage.

"For the first time, we have developed an ultra-thin electronics component with excellent semiconducting properties that is an organic-inorganic hybrid structure and thin and flexible enough for future technologies, such as bendable mobile phones and display screens," said Associate Professor Lu from the ANU Research School of Engineering.

PhD researcher Ankur Sharma, who won ANU 3-Minute Thesis competition, said that compared to traditional semiconductors their semiconductors fared well in performance.

Lu added that the engineers are still working on growing their semiconductor component on a large scale in order to commercialize in collaboration with industry partners.





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