Avi-on Labs Gets UL’s IoT Security Rating


Avi-on Labs Gets UL’s IoT Security Rating

Avi-on Labs has been announced as the first commercial lighting company that has gotten UL's IoT Security Rating. UL's IoT Security Rating is a Platinum level rating which means that Avi-on's Pro Commercial Lighting Control Platform product line uses industry best practices and meets critical benchmarks for Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity.

UL is a well-known safety science leader, and its ratings are regarded highly. The organization's assessment of Avi-on Labs proves that the company's Pro Commercial Lighting Control Platform product line is incredibly secure.

Commenting on achieving the platinum level rating, Eric Miller, CEO of Avi-on, said: "At Avi-on Labs, we are committed to helping our customers with easy to use and reliable lighting and IoT solutions for commercial environments. We have been incorporating extensive security principles and protections into our product development process from the very beginning, and are pleased that this multiyear investment can now be recognized and demonstrated externally."

Avi-on Labs is known to specialize in wireless lighting controls. The company combines devices with enterprise-grade remote management and configuration with any smartphone or tablet. Its patented Avi-on lighting control allows devices to communicate with other devices without intermediate gateways, even in networks with large volumes of devices.

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