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Carbyne's New Technology comes to the rescue of 911 Emergency


Carbyne's New Technology comes to the rescue of 911 Emergency

Carbyne, a real-time emergency communication platform, introduces a new revolutionary solution that is capable of replacing the decades-old and unaltered 911. The new solution is compatible with all ‘smart’ IoT devices that can connect. 

Carbyne911 for emergency services currently focuses on the “time to dispatch” attribute. It is the time for the services to reach the location of the incident. To deliver the exact location and to clearly convey the situation was Carbyne’s hack to minimizing the time-to-dispatch.

Their device-based location technology is infused with an indoor positioning solution which helps the first-responders to identify the caller’s location within seconds, and within one-meter accuracy. Along with that comes the live video-streaming facility which can be used by the victims if needed. “When you combine the two, it cuts the dispatch time by 60-65 percent. In terms of saving lives, that’s huge”, says Amir Elichai, Founder, and CEO of Carbyne.

The Emergency Response Systems from Carbyne is a chat, video, and GPS enabled platform that replaces the legacy infrastructure like the land phones. Carbyne has successfully deployed these systems in Israel, Asia, Europe and Latin America, and has recently signed their first deal in the US at Fayette County, Georgia.

The real challenge lies within the strict government regulations that vary across borders, and hence the first towards achieving this solution is to convince the authorities, says Elichai. “You’re changing and disrupting the way they work so you have to educate them and show them how this system can help them.

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