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Casper Glow delivers some smart lighting solutions


Casper Glow delivers some smart lighting solutions

Casper, a new company in the tech world has come up with tiny LED smart lights. Enabled with gesture controls, the Casper Glow is cylindrical and is priced at $89. Considering that it’s the first ever product launched by the company, the lights are surprisingly well designed.

However, it’s not the design, but the purpose of the smart IoT lights that’s innovative. Glow is going to help you intimate you that it’s time to sleep by winding down the lights. It’ll also wake you up without the need for loud alarms blaring. Being a mattress brand, Casper is trying to push its customer to rethink their habits and behaviors.

Basically, the smart light sits on a wireless charging station. You can flip the light and move it around (yes, it’s portable) and place it on any relatively flat surface. You can adjust the brightness or the ‘glow’ of the device. When kept on ‘dim’, the device automatically switches off at a maximum period of 45 minutes. To wake you up, the gadget starts getting brighter in the morning, which you can control through the app.

Glow can be turned off through the app or you can physically switch it off. Unfortunately, there is still no voice control, so you can’t remotely switch it off using your voice. Not having a digital assistant or a voice control could be a major drawback, but since it’s Casper’s first product, there’s always room for improvement.

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