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Deconnect's New Bottle-like Wireless Charger that also Glows: Gloo


Deconnect's New Bottle-like Wireless Charger that also Glows: Gloo

The famous smart home brand Deconnect is about to launch its sleek wireless charging station-cum-ambient light source, Gloo, in the Kickstarter market. Gloo is Deconnect’s unique selling product not only because of its unique design but it is also the first ever crowdfunding project that raised about $8 M in 2017. The Gloo crowdfunding campaign uses Augmented Reality to let you see just how different versions of the product look in your home, using the Deconnect app.

The bottle-shape, cable-free design and the wireless surface charging technology makes Gloo suitable to any environment. Gloo is available in two sizes – Mini and Regular. Regular, with its 20,000 mAh battery, can charge up to 8 devices via both Wireless Qi and USB. Regular will also be able to take panoramic photos and videos using its 360 Cam add-on. The bottle is also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi embedded, so it can be paired to a companion iOS/Android app to change its features like the color of the hue light – provided by Philips.

Boris Brault, CEO of Deconnect, says, “The Gloo ecosystem aims to redefine the image of mobile charging – from functional, and unsightly – to something that complements today’s contemporary interiors and connected lifestyles equally. Deconnect is all about the sharp edge of the IoT – and with Gloo, form meets function for the first time.”

Early backers who sign-up for Gloo via its Kickstarter campaign can get Gloo Mini for $59 (instead of $99) and Gloo Regular for $119 (instead of $199).

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