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Alerts on Google Maps will tell you when to get off the bus/train


Alerts on Google Maps will tell you when to get off the bus/train

A small but useful update from Google is here. This update will tell you when to get off the bus or train. The idea is to guide the users to with update on their transit journey. There will be live guidance and interactive real-time notifications during the journey.

The updates will appear on the Google Maps app. However, there’s an additional benefit. The update will allow these transit notifications to also appear on your Android lock screen as well. In case you’re a sleepy traveler, worry not, Google Maps has got your back. With the new update, Maps will notify you when your stop is nearing.

To start using the transit direction, the process is quite simple and it’s something that you’ve been doing since you started using Google Maps. As usual, you’ll search for the direction from starting point to the destination. The only thing new here is that you’ll need to tap the ‘start’ button at the bottom of the screen. Once ‘started’, Google Maps will start feeding you updates as you walk or ride on your local buses and trains. This includes the details of your transit journey.

Additionally, the updated feature is also interactive. This means that you can scroll right through your steps in the journey. The update is expected to go live soon.

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