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Speakers and Displays are the only things from Android Things


Speakers and Displays are the only things from Android Things

Google is shifting its focus on Android Things, a platform that has become primarily exclusive for smart speakers and smart displays among other things. Based on Android, the Android Things has a lower scope when compared to the all-inclusive IoT platform, which was Google’s initial vision.

Announced way back in 2016, the Android Things platform was Google’s vision of an OS for developers to code smart devices with the tools from their Android phones. Of course, speakers and displays were included, but Google also pushed other experiments like small robots, projectors, 3D printers, art pieces, etc.

2-3 years later, Android Things has come out with a bunch of speakers and displays. Moreover, Google started pushing its Assistant Connect as the mediating platform, rather than Android Things. With the Google Assistant Connect platform, Google pushed developers to use Assistant to run on all kinds of devices, including dishwashers.

Prior to Android Things, Google’s focus was on Brillo, a platform for every underlying operating system for IoT. Unfortunately, the turn of events for the Android Things hasn’t been that successful. Google’s ambition to have every IoT gadget on the platform has dipped to just smart speakers and displays. Nevertheless, the Android Things platform has brought out interesting gadgets for the smart home. 

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