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Hologram rolls out SIM card much similar to smartphones to IoT fleets


Hologram rolls out SIM card much similar to smartphones to IoT fleets

Chicago-based startup, Hologram enables fleets of IoT connected devices to move around different networks. The firm is the startup that recently started financing to get its aims to work to keep away the hurdles for IoT market to utilize its potential to the maximum.

IoT has become the most common way of connecting fleets right from trucks to scooters. Hologram’s objective is to evade the complexity with SIM cards that are similar to the ones found in smartphones that will enable devices to automatically connect to and use the cellular IoT network offering the best coverage in a given area as devices roam from one service area to another.

“Almost every device, whether it's a fixed location asset or not, needs more than one carrier,” he said via email. “Being able to switch between multiple networks ultimately yields better performance and less downtime. For example, IoT devices ranging from micro-mobility scooters to EV charging stations may need different carriers for optimal coverage. So we make it a priority to build connectivity relationships that enable this behavior, whether a device is deployed in Indiana or India.”

Hologram has connections with over 470 network operators across the globe. It gives support to 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and CAT-M connectivity, the firm enables customers to ease the management of those devices that are having connection with different networks.

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