Alexa Intel introduces Smart Glasses called Vaunt
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Intel introduces Smart Glasses called Vaunt


Intel introduces Smart Glasses called Vaunt

The Smart Glasses are the new trend in town and Intel is taking it to a whole new level. After Google’s Glasses and Snap Spectacles failed considerably, Intel has launched a pair of smart glasses called Vaunt. And these glasses are light-weight and regular looking making it the latest smart fashion accessory.

The Vaunt glasses have plastic frames and weigh less than 50 grams, which is a bit more than regular glasses. All those electronics that make the glasses smart are neatly packed into the stems. Inside the stem is also the class one laser. Intel says that the laser is low-power and emits a red monochrome 400 x 150-pixel image into your eye.

For your Eyes Only

This image generated by a low-powered laser will present notifications like someone’s birthday, phone notifications, etc. the glasses can also detect that you’re in the kitchen and even show you a recipe. And since the laser is directed only to your retina, the image is always in focus.

These glasses also have a processor, an accelerometer, Bluetooth chip, and a compass. Importantly, the Vaunt doesn’t have a camera that was overpowering in the Google Glass. Intel speculates that the future models might have a microphone and access to smart assistants like Alexa or Siri. But for now, Intel wants the users to get comfortable with the Vaunt and fit it into your life as naturally as possible.

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