Alexa Apple AirPods' new competitor is Microsoft Surface earbuds
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Apple AirPods' new competitor is Microsoft Surface earbuds


Apple AirPods' new competitor is Microsoft Surface earbuds

Microsoft’s successful venture Surfaces dives into another popular gadget- wireless earbuds. The earbuds are expected to come with perfect noise-cancellation and integration with Cortana, which is very similar to the earbuds Amazon is developing with Alexa integration. Speculations from Thurrott suggest these earbuds might come out by the end of 2019.  

Surface is Microsoft’s big brand and the new earbuds are also going to come under the same one. The aim here is to compete with Apple’s AirPods. Of course, there are many other wireless earbuds in the market today, but Apple is having a success streak with its perfect balance of sound, reliability, size, comfort, and importantly- the price.

This isn’t Microsoft’s first venture into the earphones market. Previously, the software maker had ventured with the wireless Surface Headphones last year that came with many popular features like amazing wireless performance and brilliant IoT control schemes. However, the headphone’s sound quality didn’t match the expensive rate Microsoft priced it at.

The popularity of wireless earbuds is on the rise and the market is just growing. Microsoft is making a smart move heading into this venture that’s currently dominated by Apple. With Amazon also planning to join in, the playing field is now getting interesting.

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