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Nest Cam IQ is now enabled with Google Assistant


Nest Cam IQ is now enabled with Google Assistant

Nest has launched a new indoor security camera and it’s called the Nest Cam IQ. The new camera comes with a big software upgrade enabled with Google Assistant. This simply put, the Nest Cam IQ can become your little Google Home for $299.

With the Google Assistant enabled in your Nest Cam, you can ask away all the things you would to your Google Home device. The device comes with microphones and speakers. For security reasons, this enables the user to talk to and listen to whomever they see in their living room.

Although the Nest Cam IQ has an inbuilt speaker, it should be noted that the speakers aren’t as loud as a smart speaker. There are also certain limitations as to what the Google Assistant can do. For instance, you can’t ask the Nest Cam to turn itself on as you leave home. But instead, you can ask what the weather is going to be today?

Considering the fact that Google had acquired Nest a couple of years ago, enabling Google Assistant was to be expected.  Google has since then been pushing to have its voice-powered assistant in every home device. According to Nest’s founder, Matter Rogers, the updated Google Assistant will be rolling out soon. The upgrade will be available in all the new and existing Nest Cam IQ products this winter.  

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