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Sneakers of the future: Nike Adapt


Sneakers of the future: Nike Adapt

“Getting the right fit from a performance shoe is both personal and complicated,” says the Nike website as it introduces Nike Adapt BB shoe. What’s so special about these shoes you ask? For one, they’re smart and come with an app that will automatically adapt to your feet. These lace-less shoes show how IoT wearables will define the future.

These sneakers can self-tighten and adjust themselves to fit the wearer. There are two buttons that lock down to your fit when you touch it. You can also use the app for fitting. Nike has designed the upper outer black shell of high-tenacity Flyknit whereas the inner white shell is a QuadFit mesh for a fit that conforms to the foot and stays snug. For the midsole, there’s Cushion foam. The sneakers are linked to a smartphone app via Bluetooth where you can control how tight or loose you want your sneakers to be.

Future of Footwear

Prior to this, Nike had released HyperAdapt 1.0 in 2016. But the Adapt BB is nothing like it as it completely eliminates anything that looks like lace. The user can even choose the color he prefers (black or white).

The Nike Adapt BB is going to change how we think about shoes and how we care for them. Just like another gadget, you’ll need to charge them wirelessly, update the linking app, and also replace the batteries when it dies down. Nike announced that the shoes are available for preorder and will officially hit the stores next month.

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