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Sany embraces IoT platform and receives a warm welcome


Sany embraces IoT platform and receives a warm welcome

Sany Heavy Industry Co, construction machinery manufacturers by production volume, is now expanding into the internet of things (IoT) to utilize more opportunities from the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Sany’s senior vice- president, He Dongdong, is the Chief Executive Officer of an industrial IoT platform called Irootech Technology Co Ltd.

At present Irootech links over 3 million machines across energy, textile, automobile, agricultural and machinery industries.

He Dongdong said “the IoT will bring revolutionary changes to the heavy equipment manufacturing sector from a long-term perspective. What we do now is analyze big data, make models and verify it, which could take up a whole year to set up a model. With the help of AI, the modeling can be much quicker."

He also added "The cloud (computing segment) is like a mega-brain that connects countless machines, gathering all kinds of information, and provides optimized decisions based on the database, in a way the human brain cannot achieve."

Sany invested Irootech with 1.5 billion yuan which is $250 million in 2016. He says that with IoT connecting the manufacturing sector can raise profit by 10-50 percent.

Sany funded Irootech with 1.5 billion yuan ($250 million) in 2016. According to He, with the IoT being connected to the manufacturing sector, it can raise profit by 10 percent to 50 percent.

Irootech recently partnered with the country’s telecom giant China Unicom in its iRoot Cloud platform, the open industrial data cloud that can connect numerous data from machine tools for optimized solutions.

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