Alexa Technology that can help blind people!
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Technology that can help blind people!


Technology that can help blind people!

There is good news for those who lost vision. It’s been 100 years since the Lighthouse Center for Vision Loss is serving people searching for a way to navigate life.

"The Lighthouse has always been about pushing forward and looking to the future. Pushing boundaries. Nothing does that right now like technology. It's just amazing to know what's possible," said Mary Junnila, Executive Director.

The Lighthouse uses technology in, for instance, smart glasses which reads the text loud enough to understand and identifies a face, or enhances vision capability.

Occupational therapist, Laura Lussier demonstrated how it functions. She held a paper and focused the device on it; it clicks a picture and reads whatever is written. Well, it can distinguish between the currencies! When Laura pointed at a dollar, the device recognized it as 1 dollar.

There is software for blind people, who can use a computer, Braille and magnification devices, smartphones, tablets and much more.

There are always applications available for everything. Some technology instructor once said that just one app has the capacity equivalent to 20 different devices.

Lynne Maine showed the world how Closed Circuit systems can enlarge things or read back the given text. Lynne said, “Women can put a camera up to their eye and it can help them see to put on their make-up.” Once he voiced in a microphone by saying, “Open Netflix.” It did open!

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