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Now, wireless chargers in a backpack!


Now, wireless chargers in a backpack!

We all know that wireless charging is the next big thing in the IoT world. The Targus Mobile VIP+ is a unique backpack that comes with a built-in charger and a nifty Qi wireless charging cradle in its side pockets. The next time you step out of the house with this goodie, you don’t have to worry about running out of charge!

The cradle in the backpack is used to keep your phone in place and charging, even as you move around. It is also designed to fit in large sized phones like the iPhone XS Max, along with its case. It is inside the backpack’s cradle that there’s an internal battery, which has a USB cable, pretty much the standard. This gives the users an option to replace with a bigger battery when they want to.

Additionally, the backpack also comes with another pocket that can block RFID signals. If you’re worried about someone trying to hack your keycard to the mainframe, you can switch this on to block these signals. Apart from these quirky, but useful pockets, the backpack looks like a usual Targus bag. If you’re a person who travels a lot, go for this bag and never worry about forgetting your charger at home. The bag is priced at $199 and sales begin in April.

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