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First ever sensors developed to detect and prevent potholes!


First ever sensors developed to detect and prevent potholes!

You will feel spring is back when you see potholes across Western New York. But here is a technology developed by University at Buffalo which makes a mark in IoT that can change the future of potholes.

Researchers worked for 2 years to develop self-powered wireless sensors to help people get traffic information and unsafe road surfaces, one sensor covers 54 yards.

"It can monitor the condition of the road, like the road temperature, moisture level, pressure and stress. We can predict where those potholes will be and we can fix them or even prevent the happening of those potholes," said UB computer scientist Wenyao Xu.

Xu designed a technology called ePave and this sensor is implanted beneath the pavement, self powered from the pressure of cars and people which is very similar to the sensor work at a traffic light. Researchers are waiting to know the durability of the device underground as the road temperatures fluctuate so that it can next be deployed at home.

Currently the device is tested on the roads in China. Xu says that this technology can take more three years to materialize.

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