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Page Previews on Wikipedia now!


Page Previews on Wikipedia now!

Wikipedia rolled out a new useful feature of Page Previews. Now, readers can access with a popup window and look into a little bit of additional content behind the link. The Wikipedia Foundation said that it’s one of the ‘largest changes’ that Wikipedia made to the desktop in recent years.

With so many IoT devices in use, we’ve all experienced jumping from one page to another while browsing for information on Wikipedia. However, there are times when this can be a distraction and a bit of annoyance when you click on the link and it’s not the article you’re looking for!

Preview before Review

With the new Page Preview feature, users can briefly see an image and a couple of sentences of the article when you bring the mouse pointer over the link. This allows you to decide whether it’s the article you’re looking for or not. Once you click on the link, it’ll redirect you to the article content page.

The company said that it conducted an extensive A/B testing and has found that the site’s overall page views have gone down. This is mainly because many users are finding the popup useful and are actively engaging with the information. However, the users are also browsing through a lesser number of pages.

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