Alexa Deep learning scales up the speed of AI deployments
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Deep learning scales up the speed of AI deployments

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Deep learning scales up the speed of AI deployments

Today, businesses are relying on artificial intelligence (AI). Any technological, electronic, recreational and IT sector is increasingly exploring AI. In particular, the world’s attention is focused on deep learning, a specific sub-field of AI. It involves extrapolations of expressions from our brain, neural networks and virtual realities.

DeepCube offers a software-based inference accelerator that helps in efficiently implementing deep learning models on intelligent edge devices. The DeepCube team comprises of 15 researchers, most of which are former masters and doctoral students. They have invested 2 years to bring advanced technology that will have a major impact on deep learning deployment in the real world.

“Also, you don’t always have continuous connectivity with most edge devices. DeepCube is trying to fill that gap by creating a dedicated artificial intelligence accelerator. It achieves the same goal but 10-20 times faster, through software,” said Eli David, co-founder of DeepCube.

DeepCube has changed learning models to be 10 times slender. This helps in consuming less memory, and makes things work much faster. Hence, energy consumption reduces.

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