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NVIDIA is ranked no. 1 by Navigant

Artificial Intelligence

NVIDIA is ranked no. 1 by Navigant

AI cars are in rise, and above 70 companies across the globe are investing huge amount in the technology. Navigant Research releases reports every year on which vendor tops the chart in designing automated vehicle (AV) compute platforms to fuel the artificial intelligence that can substitute humans.

Good news! The 2020 report revealed that NVIDIA is at the top of the table which outpaced Intel’s Mobileye. NVIDIA generates $10.9 billion in annual revenue whereas Intel with $72 billion in annual revenue, but, it is indeed impressive that NVIDIA is ahead Intel.

It is observed that Intel’s Mobileye has generated slightly more than NVIDIA automotive segment in the previous four quarters. Mobileye generated profits of $879 million while NVIDIA brought in $700 million which just saw 9.2% profit from its automotive segment.

The gradual growth rate of NVIDIA didn’t prove to be negative.  It was in the past year that Navigant said technology is not ready for mass rollout; it is probable to take more years for testing and development before releasing it to public.

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