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Home industry automobile volvo says all of its cars will be leather-free by 2030

Volvo says all of its cars will be leather-free by 2030


Volvo says all of its cars will be leather-free by 2030

Swedish automaker Volvo says it will make its cars leather-free and vegan friendly for its Gen-Z buyers by 2030

In a move that represents an example of automakers finding ways to make their vehicles more sustainable, Volvo cars want all the models in its catalog to be leather-free by 2030. The Swedish firm also said that it wants one-fourth of all the material used in their new cars to be recycled and bio-based content by 2025.

Robin Page, Head of Design at Volvo, said that the new generation of customers is far more interested in having an ethical story behind the products they buy than the previous generations.

Volvo is looking to use Nordico, an interior fabrication material made up of textiles derived from recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles, corks, and material from sustainable forests of Sweden and Finland, as a material for their interior cars. While Volvo intends to scrap the use of leather in its vehicles, the company said it would continue to offer wool blend options from suppliers that are certified to source responsibly.

Volvo said its decision comes after recognizing customer concerns over animal welfare in the tanning industry and the environmental impacts of cattle farming. Earlier in the year, Volvo had also announced its decision to go fully electric by 2030.

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