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IntelliMarket revolutionizes hospital systems

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IntelliMarket revolutionizes hospital systems

A healthcare data analytics solution provider, Intellimed International rolls out IntelliMarket. This solution will help in processing billions of healthcare claims records.   

Bill Goodwin, CEO of Intellimed said, "With IntelliMarket™ we've built a tool that supports and encourages healthcare systems leveraging claims data from 360 degrees."

This application not only supports analysts, marketers and senior level people- but it covers beginners to highly advanced users. Users can ask about available service area, disease state, availability of physicians, patient location.

For this process, there needs to be a big data solution to free users to take control and customize their questions that can get error-free and speedy results.

IntelliMarket tool benefits:

  • Helps in making crisp decisions by providing transparency in the data and application
  • Accessing the data from almost unlimited vantage points to find the critical insights and market opportunities
  • End-users within a health system are well supported since the tool gives insight in formats

According to Goodwin, Intellimed customers completely bank on their quality and data analytics solutions. There was high value for its Intelliclient and Physicians Pattern Insight solutions and Goodwin believes that their IntelliMarket™ tool continues in that mode and delivers turnkey big data healthcare insights to the users who are charged with favorably impacting the future of the health system.

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