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Adobe announces new integrations to Magento


Adobe announces new integrations to Magento

At the Imagine 2019 conference, Adobe announced a few integrations to its Magento platform. The Magento platform is now expanding to reach out to SMBs with these new integrations.

The new integrations will bring Google and Amazon on the cloud platform and will help SMBs and mid-market retailers. The Amazon integrations will give the merchants an option to automatically manage and maintain their inventory on Amazon through the Magento platform. Additionally, they can also set pricing rules for the Amazon Sales channel and manage multiple Amazon accounts.

Magento is also offering native integration with Google Shopping now. The Magento admins will be able to oversee and manage Google Ads through the Magento dashboard. This also allows them to manage their Google marketing campaigns directly from Magento.

Adobe has also launched Amazon Sales Channel which will look to help merchants expand in the Amazon marketplace. This will empower merchants to integrate their catalog and manage listings right from the Magento admin dashboard. In addition, this will allow a bi-directional data flow which will in turn help in inventory management.

Jason Woosley, VP of Commerce Product and Platform for Adobe told ZDNet: “We are continuing to invest in additional resources and capabilities to drive real revenue and profit growth for our mid-market merchants across channels.”

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