AWS and NFL enter into a partnership to transform player health


AWS and NFL enter into a partnership to transform player health

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NFL have announced a strategic partnership that will see the two organizations come together to improve the health and safety of the players. The companies will work together and will use machine learning, cloud computing, and data science to reduce player injuries.

The announcement was made by the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and AWS CEO Andy Jassy at the AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. “We’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership together, which is going to combine cloud computing, machine learning and data science to work on transforming player health and safety,” said Jassy.

The two behemoths already work together in another partnership. AWS works with the NFL through an analytics product that makes use of the RFID chips inside player jerseys and other sensors.

Football being a full-body contact sport has been often criticized for not being safe for players. Reports show that many retired players suffer from brain-related injuries. The partnership with AWS is a step towards preventing this.

AWS is going to seek biomechanical information and combine it with healthcare information to develop precise models for treatment and predict safer outcomes. The collaboration will also provide information to the helmet industry and help it build better helmets for the players.

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