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Google intent on buying Alooma


Google intent on buying Alooma

The cloud migration company Alooma seems to be on Google’s radar. The industry giant has announced that it is keen on acquiring Alooma because of its leading position as a data migration company in the market.

Alooma’s deep expertise for enterprise and open source databases had made them the prime candidates for acquisition. The acquisition will help Google Cloud build its additional migration capabilities with the Google Cloud Platform.

Alooma is a company based out of Silicon Valley. The company was founded in 2013 by Rami Amar, Yair Weinberger, and Yoni Broyde. The company since inception has been able to raise almost $15 million. The co-founders wrote on their blog that Alooma’s journey was only beginning. “Joining Google Cloud will bring us one step closer to delivering a full self-service database migration experience bolstered by the power of their cloud technology, including analytics, security, AI, and machine learning.”

The companies have previously collaborated before with several native integrations that included Google Ads and Analytics to Cloud Spanner and BigQuery. The acquisition will work as an extension of their long-standing partnership. As of now, the companies await the regulatory approvals to complete the deal.

On its blog, Google additionally mentioned that it is also looking to grow Google Cloud footprint in Israel.

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