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IBM “Will” Beat Bitcoin Says Sources


IBM “Will” Beat Bitcoin Says Sources

The Blockchain and Bitcoin twin slowly emerged to create a boom in the financial sector. Bitcoin ruled the mass by becoming the world’s first cryptocurrency to run on blockchain technology that was decentralized and distributed by nature.

The blockchain cloud introduced us to the most efficient, transparent and most accurately recorded transactions involving anything of value. Bitcoin, on the other hand, served as another form of digital currency that eliminated corruption, gave back people their power of controlling transactions, that are otherwise governed by financial institutions and much more.

The problem arises when the technology or its implications like Bitcoin faces opposition from the economic elites who benefit from corruption, or, the central or commercial banks disapproving Bitcoin as an alternative for national currencies. But, IBM has news for the blockchain world.

Yes, IBM with its already functional blockchain centers and an upcoming $5.5 million worth blockchain solutions center in Sao Paolo, Brazil is set to disrupt the cryptocurrency trade, particularly the Bitcoin.

Why IBM? Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) held by IBM will be of the type that is centralized businesses using a decentralized solution. ICOs offered by organizations that are established and have real operations is far more efficient than the ones that aren’t governed (no central issuing authority), like the Ether or the Bitcoin. Apart from the many reasons that make IBM a better long-term investment bet than the Bitcoin, it is already working on over 400 blockchain projects worldwide which is noteworthy.

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