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IBM Announces first IBM Cloud Multizone Region in Latin America


IBM Announces first IBM Cloud Multizone Region in Latin America

IBM has announced its first IBM Cloud Multizone Region (MZR) launch in Latin America. The move will accentuate the company's existing data center in Brazil and help foster business growth in Latin America.

"Following the openings of Toronto and Osaka last year, the latest MZR in Brazil marks IBM's ongoing commitment to help clients across the globe deploy mission-critical workloads with high levels of security and resilience, while helping to address data sovereignty requirements and prepare for a sustainable future," said IBM in its press release.

Each MCR is composed of three or more data center zones, with each being an Availability Zone. These MZRs in any country can continuously run mission-critical workloads to keep business up and running.

With the presence of its MZR, IBM can help its clients meet their data sovereignty and compliance regulations. The new region will also enable its clients to use IBM Cloud's confidential computing capabilities delivered with IBM Hyper Protect Crypto Services and backed by the highest level of security certification commercially available.

IBM remains focused on continuing its investments in cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud capabilities. Their cloud prowess is helping businesses all around the world modernize and drive sustainable growth and innovation.

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