Alexa Microsoft Unveils an Azure Modular Datacenter
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Microsoft Unveils an Azure Modular Datacenter


Microsoft Unveils an Azure Modular Datacenter

The Internet is beginning to reach the far corners of the planet now. Now more than ever, there is a need for more data centers to accommodate more users. Microsoft has an answer to this problem. The company has unveiled its Azure Modular Datacenter (MDC) for its customers who would like to experience cloud computing in hybrid and/ challenging environments or remote areas.

Microsoft’s innovation will give the customers a way to migrate apps to Azure while still running them on-premises. This will provide enterprises with the capability of running apps on the Azure cloud, even with low-latency connections.

“A major differentiator for MDC is that customers can run the unit with full network connectivity, occasionally connected or fully disconnected. This is a unique, powerful capability that allows customers to access the power of the Azure cloud on their terms,” Microsoft wrote on its blog.

The MDC will allow enterprises to deploy a self-contained data center unit with a field transportable solution that can provide near-immediate value. Microsoft says that the MDC can run in a wide range of climates and rough weather conditions. It can provide onsite augmentation for computation and storage capabilities too. MDC can also use satellite communications as the primary connection where no other network is available.

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