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Mirantis announces a SaaS application for On-Premise Cloud


Mirantis announces a SaaS application for On-Premise Cloud

The cloud computing company, Mirantis has announced a new SaaS application which helps users deploy a compact cloud, and “experience the flexibility and agility of Infrastructure-as-Code”. The application is called Model Designer.

While the Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) is flexible and allows customers to have a granular control, building an initial cluster model by using YAML files is tough. Model Designer will help users get started with MCP in easier fashion. The application will enable users to make changes to virtually all aspects of their on-premises cloud.

Model Designers will further also help infrastructure operators build customized, curated, and many open source configurations for on-premise cloud environments. Boris Renski, co-founder and CMO of Mirantis said: “Model Designer provides the necessary guardrails, making it easier for anyone to get started with MCP, without compromising on the flexibility they may require down the road as they expand their cloud footprint.”

Jonathan Bryce, executive director of OpenStack Foundation lauded the effort and said: “Model Designer aims to make declarative infrastructure operations accessible to the masses, and it’s a positive sign to see vendors driving adoption for design concepts pioneered by open source communities.”

The Model Designer will be made available in May 2019.

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