Oracle expands its hybrid cloud options with Roving Edge Devices


Oracle expands its hybrid cloud options with Roving Edge Devices

Oracle in a recent press meet announced that it is rolling out the latest addition to its hybrid cloud portfolio, a new piece of hardware that brings core infrastructure services to remote areas. The new Roving Edge Device (RED) offers scalable server nodes in a ruggedized and portable box. It's designed for customers that want to leverage their data from places like an oil tanker at sea, or a three-week music festival in the middle of the desert.

The devices are effectively a mobile extension of a customer's Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) environment. REDs can run as a single node or in clusters of five to 15 nodes. With a RED device, a customer should be able to run cloud applications and workloads in the field, including machine learning inference, real-time data integration and replication, augmented analytics and query-intensive data warehouses.

A customer can order a RED from the Oracle Cloud console, provision it adding VMs and object storage from the console and have it shipped. Even in remote areas where connectivity is an issue, customers can use the RED to connect to local sensors and execute applications. The database giant plans to catch up in the cloud in part by engineering hardware purpose-built for enterprise applications to run in the cloud, just like the RED device.

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