Zenlayer Selects Juniper Networks to Power a Better-Connected World


Zenlayer Selects Juniper Networks to Power a Better-Connected World

The global edge cloud services provider, Zenlayer, has selected Juniper Networks for its datacenter network upgrades. Juniper Networks, through its expertise, will help Zenlayer drive growth.

Having experienced tremendous growth in recent times, Zenlayer is now focused on the enablement of the rapid rise of emerging markets as a key priority. The company has expanded its operations across regions such as Southeast Asia, South America, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa. But for continued scalability, Zenlayer needed a significant expansion of its global networking infrastructure. This will ensure that the company can support the increasing demand for lower latency services across several industries, including gaming and video streaming. This will also improve the company’s ability to step up its research and development efforts in areas such as intent-based networking.

“Zenlayer has grown rapidly as a leading edge cloud services provider in the span of a few short years, a strong testament to their customer-first focus of improving the digital user experience globally. It is a vision we are delighted to share and a continued growth journey we are excited to enable – especially with the next-generation segment routing traffic engineering deployed, driven by our automation and AI-driven capabilities,” said Norman Lam, VP & GM, China, Juniper Networks.

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