Zype gives complete support to AWS for its Media and Entertainment initiative


Zype gives complete support to AWS for its Media and Entertainment initiative

Zype, the infrastructure for digital video, providing an API-first SaaS that aids product teams solve mission-critical streaming video challenges with a robust platform that includes monetization, CRM, business analytics, automation, and integrations with thousands of SaaS applications.

The company announced of supporting Amazon Web Services (AWS) Media and Entertainment initiative to ease the launch directly to consumer streaming services, boosting time to market, and giving power to content owners to succeed in multi-channel video distribution.

AWS for Media and Entertainment initiative features existing and new services and solutions offered by AWS and AWS Partners that is available specifically for content creators, rights holders, producers, broadcasters, and distributors.

Media and Entertainment customers are in dire need of strong, end-to-end solution so that they can manage video streaming products and services. Zype's comprehensive video infrastructure in combination with the scalability and performance of AWS looks into everything from video storage, encoding, content delivery and analytics across every single channel and platform, making it simpler for video publishers to manage, distribute, and monetize their content.

"Building on AWS has provided Zype with a scalable and flexible framework for providing our leading video API. With AWS, we've been able to scale our services to handle tens of millions of video API requests per second, and our enterprise media customers enjoy the broad connectivity that we provide, allowing them to maximize their existing investments in AWS cloud services in order to innovate and grow their audience reach and revenue," Ed Laczynski, CEO, Zype.

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