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Bracing up to tackle internet hackers, Google has planned to revise its security

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Bracing up to tackle internet hackers, Google has planned to revise its security

While internet has given us opportunity to increase our number of friends, expand businesses, platform to share our opinion, it has also hampered private life in many ways. One such attack was when Gmail’s users were tricked into malice doings. This has lead Google in making strict steps for its web application.

The changes made by Google will be altering its app publishing process, how to assess the risk and manage it before it harms any users, and the whole user-facing consent page’s look. After the precaution measure, users won’t be affected any more given the alteration is effective and also depends on how they use the email service and apps to mitigate the problem.

Google makers are going to be stern about its risk assessment, which means some of its web apps might be requiring a manual review: that particular app won’t be able to receive user data permissions until the review has been completed fully and that might be time consuming. But not that, Google is also taking initiatives to make sure the developers doesn’t fall prey an register an application or modify an existing one, which might prove fatal for the users.

Google has reportedly seen attacker even developing their web app as “Google Docs” and also recreated the whole UI of the company. Though it has removed the fake pages, pushed more updates through safe browsing, and has also put its team in handling the case.

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