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Challenges Business Face in Managing Cybersecurity Risks Associated with Third-Party Apps

Cyber Security

 Cybersecurity Challenges

Advancing technologies means that businesses must rely on third-party applications to improve their operations and productivity. While these applications are beneficial in many ways, they come with plenty of cybersecurity challenges businesses should know. Businesses looking to integrate third-party apps into their operations should take a multifaceted approach to address the various challenges posed by this integration. Some of the most common challenges are discussed below.

1. Lack of Control

It goes without saying that businesses can’t have total control over third-party applications. Lack of complete control over these applications poses serious cybersecurity challenges in many ways. One of the many ways is the vulnerability of security practices. Third-party app vendors often have cybersecurity standards different from those of the business. These variances create gaps and inconsistencies that can leave the business exposed.

There is also limited transparency of the apps’ cybersecurity protocols. Unfortunately, most vendors aren’t transparent about their security practices, especially programming details or potential cybersecurity incidents that come with the app. Lack of transparency makes it difficult for businesses to evaluate their risk accurately.

Addressing limited control over third-party apps requires businesses to manage their risks proactively. This includes assessing the vendor thoroughly, ongoing monitoring of the vendors’ cybersecurity practices, and implementing advanced SAST. (Here is where you can find out about what is SAST)

2. Dependency Issues

Businesses also become overly reliant on third-party applications, creating dependency issues. Depending on these applications, especially for critical business functions, make them the gateway to a single point of failure. This means if the application experiences some issues, all your crucial business functions experience downtime. This has financial, reputation, and productivity consequences.

The reliability of vendors also significantly varies. For instance, if the vendor has internal issues, be it operational, personnel, or financial difficulties, they can discontinue the support, disrupting your business operations.

Unfortunately, there are minimal ways of mitigating vendor dependency. For starters, businesses should thoroughly assess third-party app vendors. They should also have a contingency plan that assures service continuity in case of disruptions.

3. Integration Issues

Businesses also often find it challenging to integrate these apps into their systems. Unfortunately, integration lapses are viable opportunities for vulnerabilities. For starters, integrating a third-party app into existing business systems or infrastructure causes interoperability issues. This primarily stems from incompatibilities between app and system technologies or protocols.

There is also possible data leakage, especially if integration protocols are poorly implemented. Lack of proper integration can leak sensitive business data or expose confidential internal systems. That aside, integrating third-party apps expands the attack surface. This introduces potential entry points that cybercriminals can exploit.

Like other challenges, businesses should have a systematic approach to avoid the risks that come with integration complexities. For instance, they should conduct a thorough risk assessment before initiating integrations with third-party apps. Businesses should also implement strong authentication controls and conduct regular tests.


Handling cybersecurity challenges that come with the use of third-party applications is a serious challenge. Unfortunately, these applications are vital for businesses in today’s business world. As businesses continue embracing third-party apps for various functionalities, they should remain vigilant to safeguard sensitive data and avoid vulnerabilities.

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