G Suite enterprise users get alerts during state-sponsored attacks

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G Suite enterprise users get alerts during state-sponsored attacks

Google is rolling out a new feature for its enterprise G Suite users to alert them in case of Government-backed attacks. The feature is deactivated by default. Enterprise G suite administrators can turn on the feature to track cyber attacks that are state-sponsored. They can do so by going to the Admin Console, click on Manage alerts and then select the “Government-backed hack” option.

Google mentioned in its blog post that the administrators will receive an alert in case it detects an attack. This although will not mean that the account has been compromised. The email alert is a general warning to raise awareness. If the G suite administrator wants to take further action to beef up its security, Google provides some simple tools to help. The administrator can alert the user upon receiving Google notification. Further, the administrator can decide whether he/she will be the only one receiving the email alert in case such a notification comes about or the users will also get alerted.

It is a welcome move by Google to try to protect enterprises country-wide in the times where cybersecurity-related attacks are becoming increasingly common.

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