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KVHI announces new cybersecurity strategy

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KVHI announces new cybersecurity strategy

KVH Industries has announced a new 6-level cybersecurity strategy. It is a group of initiatives designed to provide proactive cybersecurity protection for the KVH hardware and maritime VSAT satellite network used by its global maritime customers.

The key-level of this cybersecurity strategy addresses seafarer training, as many incidents throughout the maritime industry can begin unknowingly with the crew.

“KVH's approach to the extremely important issue of cybersecurity is to address the complexity in numerous ways, from training seafarers with our KVH Videotel  ‘Cybersecurity at Sea' program—which we will begin making available at no cost to our VSAT customers this month—to the many network safeguards we have in place,” said Martin Kits van Heyningen, KVH's CEO.

 KVH Videotel  ‘Cybersecurity at Sea' program is created in association with maritime experts and based on regulations from the International Maritime Organization and guidelines from the shipping trade group BIMCO. It will cover topics such as assessing and reducing the risks of a cyber incident and responding to a cyber incident.

The other levels of KVH’s cybersecurity strategy involve: satellite network security; terrestrial network security; hardware and network configuration; protected Internet egress; and response to threats and incidents.

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