Alexa “Mobile Threat Protection” protects cellular devices from cyberattacks
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“Mobile Threat Protection” protects cellular devices from cyberattacks

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“Mobile Threat Protection” protects cellular devices from cyberattacks

Orange Cyberdefense recently joined hands with Check Point Software Technologies to develop a new Orange service namely ‘Mobile Threat Protection’ to aid multinational companies guard their cellular device against cyber threats.

The prevalence of Mobile attacks is elevating and business usually happens on mobile phones so data protection is utmost essential and this development from Orange is of great help!

Based on Check Point Sandblast Mobile technology, Mobile Threat Protection is an Orange managed service which implants an easy-to-deploy application that runs in the background of the user’s cellular device. Your device will be completely safe from unprotected data without disturbing device performance or battery life.

Mobile Threat Protection will identify malicious vulnerabilities in networks, operating systems, applications and SMS phishing and protects the device from wide range of infected applications.

“We are excited to collaborate with Orange Business Services to deliver this level of cyber protection to mobile users,” said Nathan Shuchami, Vice President of Emerging Products at Check Point Software Technologies. “As a direct result of the close relationship between our companies, we are empowering enterprises to adopt mobile technology without the worry of data loss or breach.”

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