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VigiTrust comes up with cybersecurity compliance platform for MSSPs

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VigiTrust comes up with cybersecurity compliance platform for MSSPs

VigiTrust revealed a new version of VigiOne cybersecurity compliance platform for MSSPs. MSSPs can further utilize VigiOne to carry forward cybersecurity compliance programs for the customers with the approval of HIPAA, PCI DSS etcetera mentioned VigiTrust.

MSSPs can now automate project management, work on assignments, track status and make aware of the compliance scoring. MSSPs can gather reports and assess dashboards so that customers can clear cybersecurity audits. 

VigiOne enables MSSPs to take care of the compliance for more than one information security and data safety standards and regulations through one platform. The features of the platform go like this:

  • Multi-level organizational and user management
  • Security awareness education and training
  • Secure evidence repository

VigiTrust CEO Mathieu Gorge stated that MSSPs with the power of VigiOne can arrange appropriate cybersecurity frameworks and standards and systemize workflow processes.  In doing so, it enables MSSPs to show their customers that they are abiding by the present day’s cybersecurity mandates.

For financial services, healthcare and other high priority industries of 2021 make use of cybersecurity compliance. In the meantime, MSSPs can strengthen VigiOne and compliance solutions to keep up with the pace.

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