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We Heart It faces security breach; compromises on personal data

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We Heart It faces security breach; compromises on personal data


There’s a high chance that your personal data may be compromised if you had an account on We Heart It. The image-sharing app, We Heart It was used by nearly 40 million teens a couple of years ago. It announced that there has been a security breach last week and has affected nearly 8 million accounts.

The actual breach took place a couple of years ago and includes email addresses, usernames and encrypted passwords for We Heart It accounts created between 2008 and November 2013. The company added that although the passwords are encrypted, they are not secure.

In a We Heart It blog post, the company said“…the encryption algorithms commonly used to encrypt passwords in 2013 are no longer secure due to advancements in computer hardware.”

We Heart It has also taken steps to encrypt all current users’ passwords with additional encryption using the secure bcrypt algorithm. It also announced that it has made improvements to its systems, security, password security, and its database itself.

Over the weekend, the company even sent out emails to affected users to alert them to the breach. Users are being asked to change their password if it has not been updated since 2013, as well as change that password on any other site where it’s been re-used.

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