Alexa WhatsApp users in Europe have age constraints
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WhatsApp users in Europe have age constraints

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WhatsApp users in Europe have age constraints

WhatsApp is going to ban users who are under 16 years of age from using its app in Europe. Just as the new European data privacy rules are about to kick in, WhatsApp has raised the age limit by three years. This means that the users will be asked their age when they log into the app a few weeks from now.

Apart from this, the users will even be asked to accept a set of new terms of service and an updated privacy policy. The updated policy also allows the users to download a copy of their data along with contacts and blocked numbers. Although owned by Facebook, WhatsApp has its own data policy.

A new set of Rules

The minimum age to use WhatsApp is still 13 outside Europe. The new set of rules will force companies to follow users’ requests to delete personal data. In accordance with this, Facebook is going to ask teenagers from 13 to 15 year old in Europe to acquire parental permission for sharing personal information on the platform. Without permission, a more generic version of Facebook will load. After the Cambridge Analytica cybersecurity scandal, a strict set of rules are coming up. Many tech companies are rethinking their policy now.

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