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Driverless AI brings automation for business

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Driverless AI brings automation for business has launched a new tool for business corporations pursuing automation. The new product, called Driverless AI, is a tool that enables organizations to lower the barriers that make the working of data sciences tough in a corporate context. The tool basically assists employees of non technical background in preparing for crunching the data, like calibrating parameters and determining the best algorithms for tackling specific business problems with machine learning.

Machine learning is increasingly being a part of the corporate world. Businesses are gradually depending on machine learning and AI for both data analytics and automation. According to Gartner, corporate that use AI and data sciences have more than 10% increase in revenue when compared to the rest. In this present day scenario, data sciences hold the key to competitive edge.

But this level of data crunching requires a skilled workforce and that can be hard to come by. Automation through AI is a solution to that problem. Tools like Driverless AI help non-tech folks make data crunching happen with minimal amount of work.

Although all of’s products have made automation easier, Driverless AI takes it a step further. It physically automates many of the tough decisions that need to be made when preparing a model. It also automates feature engineering, the first of that kind, a process by which key variables are selected to build a model.

Although it has automates a lot of things, it is not omnipotent. It has a lot of specific and common use cases built-in, but it can’t solve every machine learning problem. In a normal situation it can find and tune enough standard models to automate at least part of the long ordeal.


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