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Google's Dataset search just got upgraded

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Google's Dataset search just got upgraded

Google’s search engine for datasets named ‘Dataset Search’ just got out of the beta phase with a upgraded tool set that lets users search around 25 million different publicly available data sets. Google first launched the service in 2018 hoping to unify the online open-access data that were scattered across the web.

Several institutions offer data online including universities and governments but finding these data through traditional search is annoying and time-consuming. Hence Google came up with the idea of indexing these webpages in the ‘Data Search’ using open-source metadata tags.

Now the Dataset Search engine covers a vast range of data from volcano eruptions to penguin populations. Researchers can make use of these datasets to check their hypotheses or use them to train and test their machine learning models. There are around 6 million tables currently indexed in this feature.

Also, with the latest release, Dataset Search is getting a mobile version and several new features. These tools include a new filter that lets the user choose which type of data they want to see and it also makes it easier to find the right data that they’re looking for. As the field of data analytics is emerging, the need for a public search engine for datasets can boost the research and provide new avenues for data scientists.



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