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Kyvos 4.0 brings massive scalability and performance to Analytics business

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Kyvos 4.0 brings massive scalability and performance to Analytics business

Kyvos has made headlines constantly. Kyvos insight, the company that developed Kyvos have been attributed to changing the face of the analytics market through this massively scalable Analytics solution.

The big data analytics innovator has just announced the release of Kyvos 4.0, the most recent update to its acclaimed Kyvos line of analytical solution. The new solution is the mother lode of all analytics solutions establishing breakthrough levels of scaling, in addition to its absolutely brilliant performance. It establishes new enterprise-grade functionality and industry benchmarks for creating data cubes with near limitless scalability and performance.

“We are seeing customers bring data into Kyvos at scales and cardinalities that were previously unthinkable with other approaches, while still realizing the instant response times and interactive access that their business users demand,” said Ajay Anand, vice president of products at Kyvos Insights. “With Kyvos 4.0, we have added more enterprise-grade capabilities to scale out deployments to thousands of users, while providing fine-grained access control for uncompromised security. This is truly transforming the way enterprises get insights from big data.”

The kind of scalability it provides enables organizations to provide self serving interactive business intelligence (BI) on big data for all of their users across the enterprise. With new ground breaking technology, Kyvos 4.0 powers business intelligence analysts to create and store multidimensional data cubes that contain an unprecedented amount of information. The BI consumption layer allows enterprises to easily manage and store cubes and also run queries with instant responses.


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