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Microsoft debuts its Azure Synapse Analytics

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Microsoft debuts its Azure Synapse Analytics

Microsoft has unveiled its brand new solution, Azure Synapse Analytics, to help its customers work with their data more quickly than before. The company said that a lot of work had gone into releasing this product.

While enterprises collect and store data for usage in massive silos, the data often ends up being a resource that is hard to access. For data analytics to be efficient, data needs to be put to use quickly, productively, and securely. Microsoft aims to do this through deeper integration between Power BI and Azure Machine Learning. Azure Synapse Analytics can help do this.

“Instead of trying to add more features to each of our services, we decided to take a step back and figure out how to bring their core capabilities together to make it easy for customers to collect and analyze all of their increasingly diverse data, to break down data silos and work together more collaboratively,” said Raghu Ramakrishnan, Microsoft’s chief technology officer for data.

The IT giant announced the solution at the Ignite IT Conference being held in Orlando, Florida. Azure Synapse Analytics will help the customers use the data analytics tool of their choice on their data to derive insights.

This new offering will help many companies that cannot afford to hire big teams to work on their data projects. Azure Synapse Analytics will allow a normal professional tie together data from various data points without a lot of technical expertise.

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