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4Media Group starts a digital marketing agency Dynamic Influence

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4Media Group starts a digital marketing agency Dynamic Influence

4Media Group has included Dynamik Influence, an influencer marketing agency in its checklist to continue the process of innovation and be a wholly-integrated, full-service communications agency. The launch of Dynamik Influence comes right after 4Media Group acquires News Generation, a broadcast media relations company located in the Washington, DC area.

4Media Group built Dynamik Influence to easily serve clients’ needs for social media influencers in advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns. The social media influencer space is a crucial component of the modern media landscape, offering a more personalized approach to promotional content.

“The definition of an influencer continues to evolve,” said Bill Stanton, 4Media Group’s vice-president of partnerships and head of Dynamik Influence. “They can be a trusted voice, an advisor or a form of entertainment. Consumers seek out influencers for things that range from serious health issues to recipe ideas and branded entertainment.”

Dynamic Influencer serves to be the best in offering integrated and streamlined approach to influencer marketing campaigns.

“The perfect partners to influencer marketing are native advertising and market research,” said Alex Hinojosa, 4Media Group’s executive vice-president of insights and integrated strategy. “When consumers look for content on their favourite website or app, native media can drive additional impressions and engagement. Insights from consumer surveys help creators tell compelling stories backed by numbers,” added Hinojosa.

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