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AdHawk for easier Advertising

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AdHawk for easier Advertising

AdHawk was founded by Todd Saunders and Dan Pratt to offer business solutions in the field of online advertising. They have set out to make digital marketing and advertising an easy experience and remove the complexity that lies in it. It is helping firms manage their advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google.

Interestingly, AdHawk is a firm with just 20 members bringing out a combination of ‘sophisticated technology’ and ‘an-easy-to-understand-dashboard’. It brings in data which has all your campaigns under one dashboard. And this is probably what sets the company apart and makes it a success story. Focusing on specific industries like retail and manufacturing, which other companies promptly avoid as ‘archaic’ and ‘boring’, AdHawk is making a name for itself. They not just analyze the data, but also recommend on how to improvise.

AdHawk comprises of a team, which is a graduate of Techstars Boulders.  With a subscription fee tiered-based on the monthly ad spend. It even has a ‘sweet spot’ in businesses that spend $5,000 and $75,000 a month. The CEO is certain that even though the company has a small performance marketing team, they cannot afford to spend hours and hours working on spreadsheets.

What we’ve tried to focus on is verticalizing all of the data and all of the keywords so most of AdHawk’s customers are involved in e-commerce, and if you come to us in an industry like insurance leads, we would probably tell you that we’re not able to help you,” said Saunders.  Through experience, the team has realized that with right targeting, online ads can be a much more effective way to grasp people’s interest.


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